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Analysis of information flow for PKP S.A.

Analysis of the course of information for the Polish State Railways S.A.

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Over a period of two months we prepared an analysis of the information flow for our client which was Polskie Koleje Państwowe (Polish State Railways), one of the state-owned companies, which probably needs no introduction. The client needed to better understand the process of information flow in the area of train punctuality. 


In the first part of the project, we conducted 50 in-depth interviews and analyzed 150 questionnaires completed by those who took part in the study. As a result, we were able to come up with research hypotheses regarding the causes of existing inefficiencies.

In the second stage, our main task was to map the causes of the delays that arise, and to map the available information systems that improve the information exchange process and systems that allow more efficient traffic control.

In addition, we contacted a Deutsche Bahn employee to confirm our recommendations, which allowed us to identify best practices for our client.


The delivered report enriched with recommendations allowed the Polish State Railways to optimize the process of information exchange on train punctuality. In addition, our team prepared a dedicated map of information circulation processes in notation BPMN.

This non-standard implementation confirms our flexibility and adaptation to the needs of the client, whose satisfaction with the project is reflected in the reference letter we received from the Polish State Railways.

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