Case study

Overseas expansion for CRM systems provider company

A CRM company operating on the Polish market decided to expand its operations. It wanted to start operations abroad, but did not know which country would be the most optimal for their current situation.

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Consulting service for a CRM company

A CRM company operating on the Polish market decided to expand abroad - but it needed our support in choosing the most optimal state for expanding its operations.  

What activities were included in the project

After consulting with the client, we were able to determine the most important criteria to be taken into account when selecting a target expansion country. Not only demographic and political factors were taken into account, but also those directly related to the CRM software vendor market. Based on the above data, we created a special index to determine the attractiveness of a country. Once we were able to select the country offering the best conditions for doing business there, the ConQuest Consulting team began a deeper analysis of the target country. We identified the range of activities of competitors and potential business partners present in the market. We identified the most popular activities and trends, as well as potential opportunities or risks.

Consulting results for a CRM company

After 8 weeks of the project, the client planning to expand abroad already knew which market to choose in the current situation of the company. The client also learned about the important aspects of doing business in the designated country, of which familiarity allowed him to make sound business decisions.

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