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Consultancy service for Naturo

Over the past few months, the ConQuest Consulting team has completed a consulting project for the Naturo Ltd. The company since its inception Cooperates with leading manufacturing and trading companies and retail chains that sell organic food. From there, two brands were created: Gifts of the Garden and Gifts of the Garden Bio.

The company's second brand is BIOBAS, which offers high-quality organic products for children, while supporting young parents in leading their children's healthy lifestyles through learning and play.

Our client wanted to expand into new markets, so that you can diversify and scale your business effectively. With our consulting service, Naturo can make smart business decisions during your internationalization project!

What activities were included in the project?

The execution of this project required us to complete several specific steps.

First of all, we conducted a comprehensive macro environment analysis In the target market, along with analysis of factors affecting the market and estimation of potential, trends and market practices. Among other things, we included in the analyses SWOT analysis and Porter's 5 forces.

As part of the project, we also analyzed main competitors in the UK and German markets in terms of Product offering, pricing policy, sales channels, business partnerships, marketing activities, financial condition and profitability, as well as investments made i development plans.

In addition, we made customer segmentation and We contacted potential contractors, for a partnership with Naturo.

All the measures taken have allowed us to development of an entry strategy for the German and British markets, which was based on OKR methodology.

The results of the consultancy for Naturo

Through the implementation of the service, the company received unique, tailored report, describing most relevant factors, Which can affect the company's growth in target markets.

The result of our work was to present strategic recommendations Based on market statistics. With our support, the enterprise has a specific expansion plan and is Aware of opportunities and threats, that await in new markets.

Thanks to our analysis, Naturo can make sound business decisions and scale its enterprise!

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