Case study

Promotional Report on the Food Delivery Market

In 2020, we conducted an extensive study of the food delivery market in Poland.

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What the report was about

The report we prepared concerned a comprehensive analysis of the Food Delivery market in Poland. We focused on consumer survey, carrying out surveys among several hundred respondents, mainly from the age group up to 24 years old. The goal was to Understanding consumer habits and preferences, as well as analyzing marketing activities and the market position of players in the industry.

What activities were included in its scope

As part of the project We conducted quantitative research, focusing on consumer preferences for Food Delivery services. We also analyzed market players, their offers, marketing strategies and development plans. All this is done to understand market dynamics and identify key trends.

Results of the report

Our report provided valuable information about the Food Delivery market, including market values, trends, development forecasts, as well as about key players and their marketing strategies. The report, available at reports On our website.

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