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Consulting service for the aviation industry

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case study

Consulting service for the aviation industry

Our team had the pleasure of working together with an aerospace company that was looking for an ideal location for its new research and development center in Europe.

The main objective of the project was to examine potential locations in Poland according to more than a dozen key criteria and, on this basis, identify the optimal site for investment.

What activities were included in the project?

As part of this project, we performed a comprehensive desk research analysis, using advanced databases and specialized industry reports. We supplemented this knowledge by conducting interviews with experts from different sectors of the labor market, which allowed us to gain valuable insights on human capital.

In addition, we realized detailed demographic analysis and thoroughly We analyzed the activities of competitors. Based on the collected data, we created an analytical model, based on a dozen indicators. Its results identified the optimal location for the client's new research center.

The results of our consulting

All of our analysis and conclusions were included in a comprehensive report that provided the client with the complete information necessary to make an informed decision. The result was the realization of the investment in the location that our research identified as the most favorable. With our support, the client had full confidence in the choice, knowing that it was based on solid data analysis, not guesswork or intuition. The report was developed in English so that it could be presented to the company's top management, highlighting the global nature of our expertise.

This case study shows how precise analysis and an interdisciplinary approach can significantly affect the success of strategic investment decisions. Our holistic analysis provided the client with confidence and trust, which in the long run can bring not only significant savings, but also a competitive advantage in the market.

If your company faces similar challenges and needs a comprehensive market analysis, contact us. We will be happy to help you realize your vision.

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