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Support for BookBeat AB's overseas expansion

Study of the Polish ebook, audiobook and e-commerce market

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ConQuest Consulting's team conducted an analysis of the Polish ebook, audiobook and e-commerce market over a period of two months on behalf of BookBeat AB, a Swedish audiobook streaming platform. The company approached us because it needed support in getting to know companies offering similar services in a new market looking to expand abroad.



The scope of the project concerned market and competitive analysis, based on commercial databases and an in-house study. In addition, a CAWI survey was conducted on 3 different target groups to learn about the needs of Polish consumers. This is a technique for collecting information in quantitative market and public opinion research, in which the respondent is asked to complete a survey electronically. The size of the research sample for the entire survey was 923 people, which allowed for a thorough understanding of consumer needs. The preparation of the report required careful processing of secondary and primary data which allowed BookBeat to provide valuable consumer insights.



The results helped BookBeat AB to understand the Polish ebook, audiobook and e-commerce market. The company, thanks to our support, has successfully entered the domestic market by opening a Polish branch office and is continuously developing its business there by promoting its products more and more strongly.
If you are in a similar situation to the one described above and plan to conduct a survey on a specific group of respondents, find out their opinion on a particular topic or enter a new market - you will be able to find out what they think. contact us. Let's work together to determine how we can help you get the information your business needs!

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